Recipe Review: Berry Custard Pie

We haven’t posted in a long, long time, so today I just wanted to share a recipe with you guys!  This is the Mixed Berry Custard Pie from The Washington Post and I’ve make it probably three times now.  I don’t often get my recipes from newspapers these days, but I happened upon this one in a search and I love how simple it is compared to some other desserts.  Plus, it’s fun putting the berries on the bottom and having them float to the top during baking so there’s a hidden custard layer ;).

In this recipe, you don’t need to prepare anything ahead, unless you want to make a pie crust from scratch.  You only need a bottom crust, too.  I don’t even think you need to defrost the berries if you use frozen – just add a little time or temperature.

This is easy to change up however you feel like, too.  This time, I made half my berries into a compote with a little muddled basil in there.  I also put some raspberry extract in the custard.  Lemon or orange zest would be a good addition too!

Tip:  Make the custard by first whisking the sugar and flour, adding the eggs & vanilla, and lastly the milk.  If you add the flour last the way the recipe asks, you’ll get tons of tiny clumps unless you sift it in.  I think it’s a lot easier to just reverse the order.


Did you try out this recipe?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Cinnamon Apple Cake! (a recipe from Shelly)

wpid-wp-1445819002238.jpgApple season has started and I picked some up at my local farmer’s market last weekend.  Half got eaten on their own, but I wanted to make something delicious with the last couple!  I came across this recipe from The Baking ChocolaTess and decided to use it as the base, but I made some modifications based on my preferences ;).  Mostly, cutting down the butter and sugar because using a whole stick just didn’t feel right to me.  I also like to use some whole wheat flour in there – it’s not enough to notice, I promise.  And the most important addition…

wpid-wp-1445812941393.jpgCinnamon chips!  They’re basically white chocolate chips with a ton of cinnamon flavor.  I love these, and they only come out around this time of year.  (Actually, I stocked up last year, and this was the last of those :P)

Check below the cut for my version of the recipe!

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Alton Brown’s Mini Peach Upside-down Cake (a recipe review by Shelly)

I’m sure most of you know of Alton Brown, Food Scientist Extraordinaire & Thyme Lord – and if you don’t, maybe this list will convince you?  Recently, he posted an updated version of his peach upside-down cake recipe, and since I had some Georgia peaches from the farmer’s market, I wanted to give it a try!

(Have I mentioned AB lives half an hour from me?  I wonder if I’ll spot him in the city one day…  Until then I’ll have to make do with his local restaurant recs.)

Get the recipe here!

Some Caveats:

  1. I made these just for me, so I halved the recipe.
  2. I didn’t peel my peaches.  It seemed unnecessary, but if you’re making these for others I can see how you might want to.wpid-wp-1435792855025.jpeg
  3. I didn’t have buttermilk, so I used the lemon juice & milk trick – stir a spoon of lemon juice into your milk and let it sit for five minutes or so, to let the milk curdle.  This has been a pretty good replacement for me in the past.
  4. I made mine in the toaster oven, but I had to add a few minutes because I think my ramekins are bigger and had more dough in them.  More on that in a sec…wpid-wp-1435792868962.jpeg
  5. I used something like a 2:1 ratio of whole wheat to white flour, which has usually worked pretty well for me.  (Also, I added cinnamon and nutmeg, because why not?)
    BUT…this is kind of embarrassing.  I completely forgot that Alton Brown likes to measure his baking ingredients by weight, not volume (something that I thought was beaten into my head over many episodes of Good Eats).  So I used (half of) 2.5 CUPS of flour instead of 2.5 OUNCES (not fluid).  Oops.  It turned out to be a good thing I actually forgot to halve the buttermilk (and even needed an extra splash of milk).  So my batter turned out more like a dough, and the sugar ratio was off.  Oh well, I’ll definitely fix that next time…

wpid-wp-1435800123426.jpegThe Verdict:

  1. This was a very simple recipe, and I’m definitely planning to make it again.  I think it could work really well even shrunk down more in a muffin tin.
  2. The peaches were really good in the brown sugar; it was an easy way to get them caramelized.
  3. Since I screwed up the flour, the dough-to-fruit ratio was not the best.  I would’ve liked it better with a double layer of fruit, I think.  But I can’t say for sure until I make it properly!
  4. Even though I messed up, the cake was still pretty moist – just too dense.  So I have hopes for the next time 😉

Did you try this recipe out?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

Mustard Greens & Red Pepper Pasta (A Recipe by Shelly)

Hi everyone!  This is Shelly here with my first post.  If you’re new here, don’t forget to check out our first two posts:  Omurice and Momos.

Last Saturday I went to the local farmer’s market with some friends – but we were a bit late, so there wasn’t that much left in the way of produce.  I had some blueberry-basil sorbet, bought a handmade soap, and then a lady at one of the stands convinced me to try some mustard greens.

Mustard greens are spicy and a little tougher than greens like spinach or cabbage – to me they seemed to have the texture of kale with the bite of arugula.  (If you don’t have them, I’m sure any of those would work as a replacement.)  I’ve never cooked them before, and I saw a lot of soup and salad recipes, but I really wanted some pasta.  So here’s my experiment!

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Hello world!

Welcome to An Odyssey of Flavors!

A group of friends decided to get together and post about food. We’ll be writing reviews, sharing recipes, and having discussions on food, ingredients, cooking, and their history.  There will be several authors posting, all with their own unique culinary viewpoint and background.  We hope you enjoy reading what we have to say!