About the Authors

A little info about our authors (in alphabetical order):


Sara Bachouros is a 20-something-year-old American currently working at a school in Japan. Her approach to cooking is “just wing it” followed by “sit on the kitchen floor and cry.” Luckily the only other person who eats her food is not very picky. She started learning to cook when she realized delivery pizza every night was not a viable option and her pet peeve is online recipes with “simple” in the title that call for more than 5 ingredients. (Especially when half of them can’t be found in her local supermarket.) Most of Sara’s dishes are inspired by what is on sale and/or what she can feasibly make in her tiny kitchen.


Shelly Bagchi is currently a Robotics PhD candidate at Georgia Tech, but she loves to cook in her spare time (along with knitting, crocheting, and reading).  She likes trying out recipes from different cuisines, reading about food science, and watching Chopped.  She also has an interest in Japanese culture, and might draw from her summer there when she runs out of post ideas…


Dorothy McQuaid originally suggested the idea for this blog!  Yay :).  She will write her bio eventually.


Akhilesh Pillalamarri is one of the masterminds of this blog. He is a journalist and analyst writing about International Relations. He loves to learn about different cultures, which includes trying out new recipes from all over the world. Cooking is also a great way to unwind after a long day and focus on something that’s not media-related. He likes to cook freestyle without specific formulas or recipes.


Sabeen Qureshi is a Master’s in Clinical Social Work candidate at Columbia University. She fell in love with the art of Baking after receiving her first KitchenAid Mixer as a wedding gift. She particularly loves baking with mocha flavours so please forgive her if her recipes seem to have a common theme. She also enjoys cooking various cuisines, including but not limited to, Indian (Hyderabadi), Pakistani, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and any recipe that just looks delicious. She also enjoys speaking about herself in third person.


Mariel Rico is neither a Lord nor an amphibian; Lord Froggington is actually the cheeky companion of Mariel. Basically she does all of leg work of finding, funding, going, and writing about an adventure while he gets all the glory. Outside of dragging the dear Lord Froggington around the world (or through her backyard), Mariel is an engineer living in the Houston aerospace world. To be a part of her world outside of food (what? That exists?), you can find her and the lord at As Defined by Design and Adventures of Lord Froggington.




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